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In November 2014, the International Maritime Organization adopxed an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea convention (SOLAS)
regarding mandatory container weight verification. The amendment applies to all member states who will,
in turn, adopx it into their own national law. Each country will provide its own guidelines for the implementation.




1. The Situation

Today, weight declarations of loaded containers are not always accurate. This leads to an increased risk of accidents throughout the supply



2. The Challenge

From July 1st 2016, Shippers will be required to provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of each shipment to their ocean carrier
and the terminal operator. It remains the shippers' responsibility to obtain and provide the VGM in accordance with local
government guidelines and before the carrier's cut off.



3. The Implication

SOLAS rules state that if a Shipper fails to provide a VGM to the ocean carrier and the terminal operator, the container cannot be loaded
on-board the vessel. In this case, the Shipper is accountable for any additional charges. Shippers may authorise a third party to provide the VGM, however, shippers remain responsible for the process.



4. Weight Definition

VGM is determined by using the following methods:
Method 1: Weighing the packed container once all cargo has been loaded & sealed in to the container.
Method 2: by calculating the weight of the cargo (including packaging), dunnage and the container tare.
MSC recommend that shippers keep a record of VGM's for requests by authorities.



5. Empxy container weight (container tare weight)

The container tare weight can be checked in two ways:
a) The tare weight is physically printed on the outside of the container doors
b) In the case of method 2, the container tare weight lookup on myMSC.com



6. Worldwide Procedures

Procedures will vary by country, please visit your local Country Guide for more information.