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   4月29日,“Carnival Dream”邮轮离开新奥尔良,开始为期7天的加勒比海游玩,但在本周四,也就是5月3日下午6点多左右,客舱消防系统中的一处水管突然破裂,大量消防用水涌入9号区域的特等客舱,游客惊慌失措,大约50多间客舱受损。
   "Um....FB folks.....this is a rare moment of internet connection ....we are flooding on a cruise, we heard the violins and the silverware all came crashing down. What in the world....say a prayer for is [sic] all."
   A response: "What in the Titanic?"
   Another: "I cannot fathom how scary this had to be. Hoping you all are safe and will get full refunds!"
   "I literally thought this was a scene from 'Titanic,' " a Facebook user posted on a passenger's thread that displayed images of water gushing all over the hallway of Deck 9.
▲“Carnival Dream”邮轮
   “Carnival Dream”邮轮建造于2009年,总吨为12.8万吨,船长308米,型宽38米,吃水8.3米,挂巴拿马旗,拥有1823套客房,可以搭乘3636名乘客,服务员有1300多人。
   今天早上,“Carnival Dream”邮轮已经返回新奥尔良。
   The Carnival Dream has continued on its 7-day Caribbean cruise uninterrupted after the water line break on Thursday evening, May 3. It will return to its homeport of New Orleans as scheduled on Sunday morning. The water main break had no effect on the safe operation of the ship. The safety and security of our guests and crew is our top priority.
   Both our crew and our guests have been amazing during this voyage. The water line break occurred at 6:00 p.m. and in six hours, our crew had replaced hall and stateroom carpeting, dried out other sections of carpeting that were damp but did not need to be replaced, and restored the 50 staterooms so that all guests could sleep in their beds that evening. There were a handful of guests that chose to sleep elsewhere that first night and we moved mattresses to the spa for them.
   We never want our guests to experience anything other than a perfect vacation, so we sincerely regret that we inconvenienced nearly 100 guests. We provided a full refund and a future cruise credit as a goodwill gesture. We offered to fly the impacted guests home at our expense if they wanted to disembark early and only two of the nearly 100 guests that received our offer chose to do so. Most of the guests on board were not even aware of the incident until the last 24 hours as word circulated and our passengers heard from friends and family who saw media reports. Needless to say, the tremendous positive attitude of our guests and crew is proof of why we are America’s favorite cruise line.