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一致性证书:certificate of conformity
质量证书:certificate of quality
测试报告:test report
产品性能报告:product performance report
产品规格型号报告:product specification report
工艺数据报告:process data report
首样测试报告:first sample test report
价格/销售目录:price/sales catalogue
参与方信息:party information
农产品加工厂证书:mill certificate
邮政收据:post receipt
重量证书:weight certificate
重量单:weight list
价值与原产地综合证书:combined certificate of value and origin
移动声明:A. R. 1 movement certificate
数量证书:certificate of quantity
质量数据报文:quality data message
查询回复:response to query
订购单:purchase order
制造说明:manufacturing instructions
领料单:stores requisition
产品售价单:invoicing data sheet
包装说明:packing instruction
内部运输单:internal transport order
统计及其他管理用内部单证:statistical and other administrative internal documents
直接支付估价申请:direct payment valuation request
直接支付估价单:direct payment valuation
临时支付估价单:rpovisional payment valuation
支付估价单:payment valuation

油污民事责任书:civil liability for oil certificate
载重线证书:loadline document.
免于除鼠证书:derat document.
航海健康证书:maritime declaration of health
船舶登记证书:certificate of registry
船用物品申报单:ship's stores declaration
出口许可证申请表:export licence, application
出口许可证:export licence
出口结汇核销单:exchange control declaration, exprot
T出口单证(海关转运报关单):despatchnote moder T
T1出口单证(内部转运 报关单):despatch notemodel T1
T2出口单证(原产地证明书):despatchnote model T2
T2L出口单证(原产地证明书): despatchnote model T2L
T5管理单证(退运单证):controldocument. nbspT5
铁路运输退运单:re-sending consignment note
出口货物报关单:goods declaration for exportation
离港货物报关单:cargo declaration (departure)
货物监管证书申请表:application for goods control certificate
货物监管证书申请表:goods control certificate
植物检疫申请表:application for phytosanitary certificate
植物检疫证书:phytosanilary certificate
卫生检疫证书:sanitary certificate
动物检疫证书:veterinary certifieate
商品检验申请表:application for inspection certificate
商品检验证书:inspection certificate
原产地证书申请表:certificate of origin, application for
原产地证书:certificate of origin
原产地申明:declaration of origin
地区名称证书:regional appellation certificate
优惠原产地证书:preference certificate of origin
普惠制原产地证书:certificate of origin form GSP
领事发票:consular invoice
危险货物申报单:dangerous goods declaration
出口统计报表:statistical doucument, export
国际贸易统计申报单:intrastat declaration
交货核对证明:delivery verification certificate
进口许可证申请表:import licence, application for
进口许可证:import licence
无商业细节的报关单:customs declaration without commercial detail
有商业和项目细节的报关单:customs declaration with commercial and item detail
无项目细节的报关单:customs declaration without item detail
有关单证:related document.
海关收据:receipt (Customs)
调汇申请:application for exchange allocation
调汇许可:foreign exchange permit
进口外汇管理申报:exchange control declaration (import)
进口货物报关单:goods declaration for implortation
内销货物报关单:goods declaration for home use
海关即刻放行报关单:customs immediate release declaration
海关放行通知:customs delivery note
到港货物报关单:cargo declaration (arrival)
货物价值申报清单:value declaration
海关发票:customs invoice
邮包报关单:customs deciaration (post parcels)
增值税申报单:tax declaration (value added tax)
普通税申报单:tax declaration (general)
催税单:tax demand
禁运货物许可证:embargo permit
海关转运货物报关单:goods declaration for customs transit
TIF国际铁路运输报关单:TIF form
TIR国际公路运输报关单:TIR carnet
欧共体海关转运报关单:EC carnet
EUR1欧共体原产地证书:EUR 1certificate of origin
暂准进口海关文件:ATA carnt
欧共体统一单证:single administrative document
海关一般回复:general response (Customs)
海关公文回复:document. nbspresponse (Customs)
海关误差回复:error response (Customs)
海关一揽子回复:packae response (Customs)
海关计税/确认回复:tax calculation /confirmation response (Customs)
配额预分配证书:quota prior allocation certificate
最终使用授权书:end use authorization
政府合同:government contract

数量估价单:quantity valuation request
数量估价申请:quantity valuation request
合同数量单:contract bill of quantities BOQ
不祭价投标数量单:unpriced tender BOQ
标价投标数量单:priced tender BOQ
临时支付申请:interim application for payment
支付协议:agreement to pay
意向书:letter of intent
总订单:blanket order
现货订单:sport order
租赁单:lease order
紧急订单:rush order
修理单:repair order
分订单:call off order
寄售单:consignment order
样品订单:sample order
换货单:swap order
订购单变更请求:purchase order change request
订购单回复:purchase order response
租用单:hire order
备件订单:spare parts order
交货说明:delivery instructions
交货计划表:delivery schedule
按时交货:delivery just-in-time
发货通知:delivery release
交货通知:delivery note
装箱单:packing list
报价申请:request for quote
订单确认:acknowledgement of order
形式发票:proforma invoice
部分发票:partial invoice
操作说明:operating instructions
铭牌:name/product plate
交货说明请求:request for delivery instructions
订舱申请:booking request
装运说明:shipping instructions
托运人说明书( 空运 ) :shipper's letter of instructions(air)
短途货运单:cartage order(local transport)
待运通知:ready for despatch advice
发运单:despatch order
发运通知:despatch advice
单证分发通知:advice of distribution of document.
商业发票:commercial invoice
贷记单:credit note
佣金单:commission note
借记单:debit note
更正发票:corrected invoice
合并发票:consolidated invoice
预付发票:prepayment invoice
租用发票:hire invoice
税务发票:tax invoice
自用发票:self-billed invoice
保兑发票:delcredere invoice
代理发票:factored invoice
租赁发票:lease invoice
寄售发票:consignment invoice
代理贷记单:factored credit note
银行转帐指示:instructions for bank transfer
银行汇票申请书:application for banker's draft
托收支付通知书:collection payment advice
跟单信用证支付通知书:document. ry credit payment advice
跟单信用证承兑通知书:document. ry credit acceptance advice
跟单信用证议付通知书:document. ry credit negotiation advice
银行担保申请书:application for banker's guarantee
银行担保:banker's guarantee
跟单信用证赔偿单:document. ry credit letter of indemnity
信用证预先通知书:preadvice of a credit
托收单:collection order
单证提交单:document presentation form
付款单:payment order
扩展付款单:extended payment order
多重付款单:multiple payment order
贷记通知书:credit advice
扩展贷记通知书:extended credit advice
借记通知书:debit advice
借记撤消:reversal of debit
贷记撤消:reversal of credit
跟单信用证申请书:document. ry credit application
跟单信用证:document. ry credit
跟单信用证通知书:document. ry credit notification
跟单信用证转让通知:document. ry credit transfer advice
跟单信用证更改通知书:document. ry credit amendment notification
跟单信用证更改单:document. ry credit amendment
汇款通知:remittance advice
银行汇票:banker's draft
汇票:bill of exchange
本票:promissory note
帐户财务报表:financial statement of account
帐户报表报文:statement of account message
保险赁证:insurance certificate
保险单:insurance policy
保险申报单(明细表):insurance declaration sheet (bordereau)
保险人发票:insurer's invoice
承保单:cover note
货运说明:forwarding instructions
货运代理给进口代理的通知:forwarder's advice to import agent
货运代理给出口商的通知:forwarder's advice to exporter
货运代理发票:forwarder's invoice
货运代理收据证明:forwarder's certificate of receipt
托运单:shipping note
货运代理人仓库收据:forwarder's warehouse receipt
货物收据:goods receipt
港口费用单:port charges document.
入库单:warehouse warrant
提货单:delivery order
装卸单:handling order
通行证:gate pass
通用(多用)运输单证:universal (multipurpose) transport document.
承运人货物收据:goods receipt, carriage
全程运单:house waybill
主提单:master bill of lading
提单:bill of lading
正本提单:bill of lading original
副本提单:bill of lading copy
空集装箱提单:empty container bill
油轮提单:tanker bill of lading
海运单:sea waybill
内河提单:inland waterway bill of lading
不可转让的海运单证(通用):non-negotiable maritime transport document. nbsp (generic)
大副据:mate's receipt
全程提单:house bill of lading
无提单提货保函:letter of indemnity for non-surrender of bill of lading
货运代理人提单:forwarder's bill of lading
铁路托运单(通用条款):rail consignment note (generic term)
陆运单:road list-SMGS
押运正式确认:escort official recognition
分段计费单证:recharging document.
公路托运单:road consignment note
空运单:air waybill
主空运单:master air waybill
分空运单:substitute air waybill
船员物品申报:crew's effectsdeclaration
乘客名单:passenger list
铁路运输交货通知:delivery notice (rail transport)
邮递包裹投递单:despatch note (post parcels)
多式联运单证(通用):multimodal/combined transport document.nbsp (generic)
直达提单:through bill of lading
货运代理人运输证书:forwarder's certificate of transport
联运单证(通用):combined transport document. nbsp (generic)
多式联运单证(通用):multimodal transport document. nbsp (generic)
多式联运提单:combined transport bill of lading/multimoda bill of lading
订舱确认:booking confirmation
要求交货通知:calling forward notice
运费发票:freight invoice
货物到达通知:arrival notice (goods)
无法交货的通知:notice of circumstances preventing delvery (goods)
无法运货通知:notice of circumstances preventing transport (goods)
交货通知:delivery notice (goods)
载货清单:cargo manifest
载货运费清单:freight manifest
集装箱载货清单:container manifes (unit packing list)
铁路费用单:charges note
托收通知:advice of collection
船舶安全证书:safety of ship certificate
无线电台安全证书:safety of radio certificate
设备安全证书:safety of equipment certificate